About The Triathlete’s Quiz

The Kona Journey Approach outlines the key pillars required to be a successful long distance triathlete.

Being a successful triathlete requires training but not just any training, you need to train really smart. The Triathlete’s Quiz, identifies the key pillars needed to be a successful long distance triathlete but more than that it shows you how to improve.

Answer 24 questions and get your personal Triathlete scorecard.

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The Triathlete’s Quiz will determine your ability against The 5 Pillars required to be a Successful Triathlete.

Triathlon Mindset

The Triathlon Mindset is your mind’s ability to train and race. The first thing you need to bring to the table is a can do attitude with an internal drive to be your best.

Triathlon Coach

The Triathlon Coach is the one who puts in place a detailed plan to allow you to achieve your best. They focus your training time, provide feedback and keep you accountable. They are building your skill set and experience so you are race ready. This allows you to execute with perfection come race day.

Triathlon Gameplan

The Triathlon Game Plan is concerned with a plan of action. A detailed and in depth plan that guides you to improve on all the necessary elements needed for you to finish your best triathlon.

Triathlon Body

The Triathlon Body comprises all the components needed to ensure your body functions effectively and efficiently. This includes the energy systems, muscular systems and the digestive system. These systems are developed through training allowing you to reach your full potential. Reaching your full potential means your long distance diesel engine is in place and you finish your best triathlon!

Triathlon Techniques

The Triathlon Techniques are concerned with your ability to apply procedures and methods to deliver an end result. This is the skill set required for successful training and successful completion of your best triathlon.


The Kona Journey Approach

Answer 24 Questions on a scale of 1-10

Once your score has been calculated our system will produce a personalized triathlete assessment outlining your key focus areas, where you are considered a developing pro and where you make elite status!

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